Our Vision

Christ Church is a welcoming community of faith, hope and love serving our neighbors and the world as the hands of Christ.

We live into this vision by Connecting with God, Connecting with Each Other & Connecting with the World.

  • We Connect with God through worship, prayer, Christian education and spiritual studies.
  • We Connect with Each Other through our Small Groups, recreational activities, and fellowship.
  • We Connect with the World through outreach ministries, mission activities, and our connectional ministries through the United Methodist Church.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be a ministry for all to experience and share throughout their faith journey as we continuously

  • REACH – All with the love of Jesus Christ
  • RECEIVE – All persons with open hearts in the name of Jesus Christ
  • GUIDE – So that each person may grow in Jesus Christ
  • SEND – Vital disciples to serve Jesus Christ

Our Values

  • Love Christ and one another
  • Extend God’s grace to all
  • Engage with each other and our community
  • Remain guided through scripture, tradition, reason, and experience
  • Be committed to prayer
  • Remain connected and accountable to God and to each other as we minister and grow together
  • Live into our calling by applying our values in the mission field

Our Beliefs

  • We believe that every person is God’s child, God’s chosen one, and loved by God.
  • We affirm the sacred worth of ALL PERSONS, and we welcome ALL PEOPLE into the life of Christ Church.
  • We affirm the commitment of Christ Church to be a church of open hearts, open minds, and open doors.
  • We affirm our belief that Christ Church should be a denomination that is open to every person regardless of age, gender, marital status, nationality, race, disability or sexual orientation.
  • We affirm the commitment of Christ Church to seek better ways to embrace our diversity and journey together in fulfilling the mission of Christ.

with God

Connecting with Each Other

Connecting with The World

Want to learn more? Connect with us and explore ways you can become involved in the outreach and ministry of Christ Church.

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