Who We Are

The Cross Ministry is a mission destination for groups who want to make a difference in the lives of others. The goal of our ministry is to make homes safe, dry, and accessible. We also offer opportunities to work with other non-profit agencies in our community that serve the elderly and those in need. We offer week-long and weekend experiences.

Our Story

For over 20 years, Christ Church United Methodist (CCUM) has worked with churches and ministries across our nation when traveling on our annual mission trips. In response to the many acts of grace and hospitality extended to us by others, we decided to pay it forward in the Kanawha Valley.

As a result, the Cross Ministry was formed to make CCUM a destination for youth and adult mission teams. Our community also benefits as we seek to meet the needs of our neighbors and our non-profit agencies in need.

What We Offer

  • Housing through our private dorm facility.
    • Shower facilities, a gym, and a space for evening gatherings.
  • Evening meals for your team
    • A kitchen is also available to prepare your own meals.
  • Work on various sites throughout our region
    • Site Manager included
  • Evening devotions, worship, and fellowship activities
    • Devotion booklets available
  • Arrangement of fun activities to enhance your experience with us
  • An evening of Appalachian culture (if desired)

Contact Information

Please contact Kathy Chaney for more information, or to reserve a work date for your team. Email: mchainee@aol.com

Contact Information:
Kathy Chaney
email: mchainee@aol.com