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Alter Flowers

The Worship Arts Team would like to encourage members and friends of Christ Church to sponsor altar and/or font flowers on Sunday mornings during 2024. In the United Methodist Church, there is an understanding that altar flowers should be live flowers, not artificial, as discussed in the book, “United Methodist Altars.” Altar flowers are $70 for two arrangements. Font flowers, a larger single arrangement, is also $70. The Worship Arts Team relies on the generosity of the congregation for this. Otherwise, costs for the weekly altar flowers are covered by the Worship Arts annual budget. The new website does not have the altar flowers calendar available yet, but we are working on that. In the meantime, if you would like to sponsor altar flowers, please call Ronda in the church office at 304.342.0192, ext. 223. You can also send an email to to reserve your special Sunday.