The Christ Church Youth program strives to give young people a variety of ways in which to experience Christ! Through Bible study, fellowship, and service, the youth form meaningful relationships with God and other Christians. Our youth meet Sunday evenings at 5:00 in the Wolfe Omega for a quick snack, and the evenings activities officially start at 5:30-6:30.

Christ Church Youth program

Opportunities Outside of Youth Group

Middle School Sunday School, Grades 6-8: (Meets in Alpha Room)

Our middle school class is for all students in grades 6-8, and we meet in our own unique space which we are currently starting to make our own! We sit in beanbag chairs that add to the youthful spirit of our class. Our curriculum relates to current world news, culture, and general happenings.

High School Sunday School Grades 9-12:(Meets in the Omega Room)

We sit in a circle in our comfy chairs in the Wolfe Omega in order to achieve a more open atmosphere. High school students have curriculum that pertains to current news and trends. We speak openly and freely and often agree to disagree. We appreciate our individual differences and embrace the unique perspectives that everyone brings to our group.

Youth Choir

Open to youth grades 6-12

Meets Sunday afternoon, 4:30-5:00pm, 1st Floor Worship Arts Suite, Adult Choir Room Leader: Rev. David Donathan

Youth Handbells

Open to youth grades 6-12

h2> Rehearses Sunday 4:00-4:30pm, Centrum Leader: Rev. David Donathan
Middle School Youth (6-8th Grade): Morgan Town WV.
High school Mission (9-12th Grade): San Francisco CA.
- Contact Pastor Jonathan Moon for more information

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