United Methodist Women

Mission Statement

To continue our mission supporting programs at Christ Church United Methodist, Midland South District and the West Virginia Conference with an emphasis on the needs of women and children.

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Purpose of UMW

The organized unit of United Methodist Women shall be a community of women whose purpose is to know God and to experience freedom as whole persons thorough Jesus Christ; to develop a creative, supportive fellowship; and to expand concepts of mission thought participation in the global ministries of the church.

Purpose of the Women’s Division

The Women’s Division shall be actively engage in fulfilling the mission of Christ and the Church and shall interpret the purpose of United Methodist Women. With continuing awareness of the concerns and responsibilities of the Church in today’s world, the Women’s Division shall be an advocate for the oppressed and dispossessed with special attention to the needs of women and children; shall work to build a supportive community among women; and shall engage in activities which foster growth in the Christian faith, mission education, and Christian social involvement throughout the organization.

Some Missions We Support

CCUM Sunday broadcasts
Covenant House
Church Women United
Domestic and overseas mission trips (incl. Youth Mission Trips)
Goodwill Industries
Growing Place Preschool
Habitat for Humanity
Heart and Hand House
McDowell Mission
Scott’s Run Settlement House
Sojourner’s Shelter
Spring Heights Camp and Conference Center 


Executive Board, 2014-2015

Executive Board meets at 9:30 a.m. on the first Thursday, 9:30 a.m. in the Potter Room. For more information, contact Jane Turner at (304) 345-9476.

Mission Coordinators
Spiritual Growth - Nancy Ward
Education and Interpretation - Kim Kristic
Secretary of Program Resources - Elaine Culpepper
Ways & Means (pecans) - Becky Bumpus
Receptions - Susan Harpold
Membership, Nurture and Outreach - Helen Epps,  Judy Crouse, and  Pat Perelman
District Liaison and Church and  Women United Representative - Beulah Davis
Social Action - Gretchen Frankenberry

President, Ilene Becket
Vice President, Ruthann Smithson
Secretary, Dody Simpson
Treasurer, Virginia Slack

Circles & Meetings

Mary and Martha Circle
Third Thursday, noon
Fellowship Hall/Potter Room
Sallie McClaugherty, (304) 346-4298 

Catherine Blair Circle
Third Thursday, 9:30 a.m.
Potter Room
Beulah Davis, (304) 342-8769 

Barbara Heck Circle
Quarterly by announcement
Mary Booker, 3(304) 42-5024
Virginia Slack, (304) 342-7735

Susanna Wesley Circle
By announcement
Kin Kristic, (304) 744-7888

Priscilla Circle
Second Sunday, 6 p.m.
Potter Room
Laurie Shumate, (304) 205-4521

Ruth Circle
Quarterly by announcement
Potter Room
Kara Moore , (304) 641-4009 
Gretchen Frankenberry,

Past Presidents of the Woman’s Society of Christian Service & UMW

Mrs. H. Russ Warne, 1939-1940
Mrs. Carl Norcross, 1941-1942
Mrs. Fred B. Watkins, 1943-1947
Mrs. John Lowe, 1948-1950
Mrs. S. D. Coats, 1950-1952
Mrs. Stanley Freeman, 1952-1954
Mrs. J.N. Arnold, 1954-1956
Mrs. Guy Kennedy, 1956-1957
Mrs. Frank Crumbaker, 1957-1958
Mrs. C.A. Walworth, 1958-1959
Mrs. B. Lawler Hash, 1959-1960
Mrs. F.E. Stasch, 1960-1961
Mrs. Harold Wright, 1961
Mrs. H. Marshall (Mrs. C.A. Carter), 1961-1962

Mrs. Andrew Blair, 1962-1963
Mrs. Thomas Knapp, 1963-1965
Mrs. Robert Wildman, 1965-1967
Mrs. C.L. Bowyer , 1967-1969
Mrs. Pat Tuckwiller, 1969-1971
Mrs. William G. Matthews, 1971-1972
Mrs. W.E. Boyles, 1972-1974
Mrs. John H. McClaugherty, 1975-1978
Mrs. Frank A. Thomas, Jr., 1979-1980
Mrs. Carolyn Kallmerten, 1981-1982
Mrs. Jon Gaston, 1982-1983
Mrs. Robert R. Simpson, 1984-1985
Mrs. Frank Parsons, 1986-1988
Mrs. Ray Tincher, 1989-1990

Mrs. James Ranson, 1991-1993
Mrs. G. S. Kennedy, Jr., 1993-1994
Mrs. Barbara Carpenter, 1995-1997
Mrs. Nancy Ward, 1998-1999
Mrs. Sue Price, 2000-2001
Mrs. Beulah Davis, 2002-2003
Mrs,. Harriet Deel, 2004-2005
Mrs. Mary Booker, 2006-2007
Mrs. Karla Holsclaw, 2008-2009
Mrs. Judy Crouse, 2010-2011