Rev. Jonathan Moon, Associate Pastor


Rev. Jonathan Moon, Associate Pastor

Significant family members: Blessed to be married to my seminary sweetheart Jenna Moon.  It is thanks to her that I moved to WV and encountered the grace and hospitality of the amazing people here.  Our little family also includes our son Jayden Moon, JJ for short.  He is a blessing we never thought we’d have and we give all the praise to God for making it possible.  Oh and we have a silly nickname for our family, Team J (Jon, Jenna, and JJ)!

How I relax and have fun: When I am not taking my son for a walk in his stroller; I tend to relax by reading a book, listening to music, or playing a video game.  Often times I am doing 2 of these at the same time as I create a little pocket of rest for myself inside of God’s creation.

Favorite Music: I can’t believe I am going to say this… but probably country music.  I grew up hating country music but after meeting my wife I was introduced to GOOD classic country music, blue grass, folk music, etc.  All of it to me is country in origin and it has captured my heart.  I am really new to the genre so I am still learning and I’d love to hear any recommendations!

Favorite board/card game: Shoot this is a hard one!  My wife and I both love board games, however we have never been able to play on a consistent basis.  In the few times we have been a part of a board game group they usually play a new game every week or two so we rarely have played the same game multiple times.  If you don’t mind having a rookie at your table we’d love to join you and play just about ANYTHING!  However our favorite type of board game are the co-operative kind.  We like being part of a winning team (and thus are super excited to be joining CCUM) rather than competing against each other (sleeping on the couch takes the fun out of winning -just kidding).

Favorite food or restaurant: Fried Chicken!  It feels like I have lived more places than years I have been alive thanks to growing up in a military family.  In all of those places the one thing that never changed was that fried chicken tastes good in every country, can be ordered in almost any language, and always brings me back home to my mother’s dining room table at a family meal growing up in Georgia.

Superpower you wish you had: When I was growing up I wanted all the cool super powers, flight, invisibility, super strength, etc etc… Now that I am older there is one super power I’d love to have, HAIR POWER!  There was a video game I once played where the super hero/heroine could grow or shrink their hair at will.  They could also change its color, shape, and strength into anything.  I remember using my hair to fight evil, climb buildings, and save people as I played the game.  Today I’d just like to use it to combat the aging process…. It seems like I’m gaining hair in all the places I’d rather not and losing my hair in the one place I want it to stay! (Thanks Dad, and Grandpa!)

Description of my favorite Bible: My favorite Bible currently is the one that I was given when I was commissioned in 2014.  It was also used in my Ordination last year in 2017.  It was on this Bible I made my vows as a minister of God and whenever I see it, hold it, or read from it I remember the great promises and callings that God has placed in my life.

What I like best about Christ Church: The people!  From the moment I first walked in the door (and got horribly lost) I met some of the kindest people (who got me unlost).  Every person I have met since my initial visit has been filled with smiling faces, open hearts, welcoming words, and encouragement!  I look forward to meeting more and more people as we walk the coming years together as disciples of Jesus Christ!  Let’s transform the world by His love!