Music Essembles

Music Essembles

 The long-range vision for the Music Ministry of Christ Church actually began in 1969 following the church fire.  In 1970, a division of “Task Force 6” was charged with the responsibility of developing a new vision for Worship and Music Ministry as a part of the rebuilding of Christ Church.  The implementation and completion of these goals over the past 35 years created the Music & Arts Ministry we celebrate today.

The new vision for Christ Church specific to Worship & Music Ministry is to take what has been completed and “move it to the next level.”  Built on the work already completed and fulfilled during the past 35 years, here is a summary of what the future could hold for the Music & Arts Ministry:

  • Augmentation of the involvement in all ensembles and develop and/or discontinue ensembles as needs arise. (ON-GOING)

  • Augmentation of artistic expressions through the creation of an ‘Artisans Guild.’  Supply needed studios, workshops, and workspaces for art, music, dance, and drama.

  • Development of a Summer Internship in Music Ministry.

  • Construction of a large Music Rehearsal Suite to further support the mission of the Music Ministry of Christ Church and its future growth, development, and outreach. (COMPLETED SPRING 2013!)

  • Installation of an antiphonal organ in the Centrum using the organ pipes first purchased by our ancestors in 1904. (The computer rendering for this antiphonal organ as designed by the Holtkamp Organ Company of Cleveland, OH, is pictured above as it will appear when installed in the back of the Centrum.  To see the specifications of this antiphonal organ, go to the Organs of the Church page and scroll to the bottom.)

All these things, when combined, would help create:

  • Christ Church as a Regional Center for Church Music & Worship Arts Education.  Create the necessary space (music & arts library, studios, offices, rehearsal space, workshops, etc.) to support this outreach.  Sponsor an ongoing series of classes, workshops, summer camps, and recitals related to church music and liturgical arts as related to children, youth, and adults.