What We Believe

What We Believe

Our Vision

Christ Church United Methodist is a community of faith, hope and love – serving as the hands of Christ.

Our Mission

REACH – all with the love of Jesus Christ 
RECEIVE -all persons with open hearts in the name of Jesus Christ 
DISCIPLE -so each person may grow in Jesus Christ
SEND – vital disciples to serve Jesus Christ

Our Values

Love for Christ and one another Grace for all
Guidance through Scripture, Tradition, Reason, and Experience
Commitment to Prayer
Accountability to God and to each other

Christ Church United Methodist  . . .

is a 1,200 member United Methodist congregation located in downtown Charleston, West Virginia, at the edge of a historic part of town called The East End. Although we are a “downtown” church, a recent study concluded that we are a “regional” church with some members traveling upwards of 60 miles round-trip to attend worship and church functions.

Founded in 1804, Christ Church is one of the largest and oldest congregations in the state of West Virginia. In 2004, we celebrated our bicentennial.

The members of Christ Church come from all walks of life. However, we are known for our outreach to the community as well as our passion for worship through music and the arts. Many prominent citizens and community leaders, including past governors, call Christ Church their home.

The church opens its doors to use by the community on a daily basis. On average, there are 6-8 daily meetings, many of them being non-church groups. You will never find the doors locked during business hours here at Christ Church.